St Petersburg Dentist Answers What Are Antioxidants?

An emerging indication for oral disease

Health and wellness claims for antioxidants have increased in recent years. More and more products are appearing that claim to heal or enhance something, thanks to the amazing power of antioxidants. Consumers and health care professionals do well to examine the products and the claims with measured skepticism.

Nevertheless, over the last several decades, some antioxidants have been the subject of excellent, rigorous scientific studies. The research has shown that various antioxidants do indeed provide significant health benefits and can be incorporated into effective medications and treatments.

Dental medicine is one of the fields that is discovering the efficacy of certain antioxidants.

One emerging treatment for periodontitis and other oral disorders is topical antioxidants delivered through dental gel as well as mouth rinses and even toothpastes. Our practice is excited to announce a line of products and services that use antioxidants to improve your oral health.

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