St Petersburg Dentist Introduces a New PerioSciences System

PerioSciences offers a system of powerful antioxidants in AO ProToothpaste and AO ProRinse for patients who prefer natural, organic products. Free of alcohol, fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, and artificial sweeteners, the products are environmentally friendly and naturally healthful.

After your dental procedure…

Whether you’ve had gum surgery, a root canal, dental implants, veneers, or any therapeutic or cosmetic procedure, we recommend you follow up with AO ProVantage dental gel. The topical antioxidants have been shown to enhance healing, combat bacteria, and reduce inflammation. Cool, minty, and without the sting of alcohol, it’s pleasant tasting and will not stain teeth as chlorhexidine does.

Use our online store for maximum convenience

PerioSciences products are only available from dental professionals. Sign up once and you can have products shipped directly to your address in just a day or two. We provide easy payment processing and shipment tracking. No out-of-network fees or hidden costs. Save time at check-out and ensure fast processing on all your orders. Auto-refill makes sure you never run out of your AO Pro products.

Call our Periodontist today to see how PerioSciences can help you!