Showering our employee with baby gifts (St Petersburg Dentist 33710)



Last Saturday, Dr. Brayer threw our patient coordinator, Leslie, a baby shower at our local St. Petersburg Panera Bread on 4th Street. Dr. Brayer is a pro at throwing showers since it seems we have about two babies per year at our office!

We played some baby shower games and Dr. Brayer gave out prizes to the winners. Dr. Brayer’s son Zach won the clothes pin game, he’s sneaky and got us to all say the word “baby!” He gave his prize away to another employee, Sam one of our receptionists. Jessica, one of our cross-trained dental assistants and receptionists, won the baby word scramble game, only being stumped on about three words! Leslie herself guessed closest to how many M&Ms were in the baby bottle. Dr. Brayer and one of her daughters came the closest on the ribbon game.


Leslie plans on using cloth diapers and was ecstatic about all of her gifts from her friend’s local St. pete store, Growing Up. She opened a Fishy Face Photography gift certificate that she plans on using for her baby’s newborn portraits! She was so excited about the ducky robe, such cute gifts!



Leslie’s husband and daughter came at the end, thankful to Dr. Brayer’s generosity.

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  1. Thanks! We’re thinking this will be an April Fool’s Day baby girl, we’re so excited!

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