St. Petersburg Dentist Volunteers in Our Community

Dr. Brayer, a St. Petersburg Laser Cosmetic Dentist and her staff volunteer in Pinellas County, FL

Tiffany Feger, RDH, BASDH, one of our registered dental hygienists, volunteered again at Gulf Coast Dental Outreach. She cleaned a number of patients including performing four quadrants of scaling and root planing.

Gulf Coast Dental Outreach is 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. A pool of volunteer dentists and paid and volunteer support staff members see patients on most Fridays. Patients are accepted primarily by referral – Gulf Coast Dental Outreach is not a walk-in clinic. Patients pay just $25 for most procedures. Patient care emphasizes preventive treatment, such as hygiene visits, and also includes crowns, dentures and other procedures.

Dr. Brayer (St. Petersburg Laser Cosmetic Dentist) and Tiffany will be back this summer to volunteer on another Friday. The organization is so organized and it is win win for the patients and providers! Both feel helped, helpful, and edified.

3 thoughts on “St. Petersburg Dentist Volunteers in Our Community

  1. I’m not really scread’ of the Dentist. However though, there are some things I am a little freaked’ out about. I will either have to get my teeth pulled/ or braces. And soon I will have to get fillings (I really don’t mind these, but I’m just saying)Anyway, you could make it more enjoyable by putting the younger kids to sleep (or adults. But first, you should ask there permission) when taking there teeth out, doing root canals, ect And you could be a little bit more friendly and happy. For instance, ask all your patients when you go out to the waiting room Hi there. How are you today? . Ask them about vacations, anything as long as your talking and communicating to them.And explain to them what you’ll be doing. Plus, if you are doing something painful (like root canals, pulling teeth, ect) say If you feel pain, hold your thumb up, then I’ll stop this would make them feel a bit more comfortable

  2. hi, are you a patient of ours? You have some good ideas. We do talk to our patients and get to know them. In fact, we ask them to bring in pictures of their upcoming vacations on their next visit and we remember to ask to see the pictures too! Our patients become more like family to us. We do not put kids or adults to sleep and find that once the patients get to know us, they feel comfortable and normally do not need that. We do offer twilight sedation. We certainly explain each procedure and for anything besides a basic exam, x-ray, or cleaning, we have consent forms for them to read and ask questions so we can answer anything before we even start. The thumb up idea is a good one although the thumbs up is generally a sign for everything being alright so we have the patients lift their left hand and we do indeed stop and assess if they need to swallow or scratch their nose or anything. Thank you so much for your feedback! Come in soon to give us a try first hand. You’ll be pleasantly impressed.

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