Start the new year off with some defense for you and your kids: xylitol

As we prepare to send our students back to school whether it is down the street or away in a dorm, let’s keep in mind the easy, safe and natural ways we can protect them and their oral health.

Xylitol does several things to help create a healthy mouth providing healthy snack options, reducing acid and plaque in the mouth, increasing saliva and the amount of calcium and phosphates available for remineralization

Healthy Snack and Lunch Options

Pack a healthy lunch. Avoid the juice box.
Replace with bottled water sweetened with Xylosweet. Place two pieces of Spry gum in lunch box to chew after eating to stimulate salivary flow. Chewing 100% XYLITOL sweetened gum for 5 minutes will help rinse away the left over sticky carbohydrates and neutralize any acidic challenges created from the meal. Rollin’ Oats in St. Pete carries many Spry products



Improve brain function

While your brain requires a constant supply of the blood sugar product glucose in order to function properly, consuming refined sugars and sipping down sodas does not provide healthiest option. Researchers in Salk Institute in California found that high glucose levels resulting from quick easy sugar intake damage cells everywhere in the body, especially in the brain




Protect their oral health

Xylitol does several things to help create a healthy mouth.

  • decreases acidity
  • reduces plaque
  • increase salivary proteins calcium and phosphates
  • promotes remineralization

The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey(1999-2004) reports-Dental caries continues to affect a large number of Americans in all age groups, with carious lesions in primary teeth increasing among
children 2-5 years.

  • 42% of children aged 2-11 have carious lesions in their primary teeth
  • 21% of children aged 6-11 have carious lesion in their permanent dentition