Stop using denture cream!


St. Pete Dentist says NO to denture cream


Nobody should use denture cream. Ever. Period.

Dr. Nguyen, arguably the best St. Pete dentures dentist, specializes in designing, repairing, creating, re-lining, and adjusting full and partial dentures. He has held true to his conviction that nobody should ever use denture cream. He, Dr. Brayer, and Dr. Rodenbostel provide our patients with dentures that fit comfortably, look beautiful and natural, and are denture cream free. They offer free denture consultations. Do you know anyone who has dentures? Bring your friend in to get evaluated for free by our expert dentists.

Click Here to see one of our many many THRILLED patients. Our denture patients LOVE Dr. Nguyen’s dentures. Sadly, their dentures fit so well that they do not come back to see us until they come in with friends who they have told about us. They come along just to say hi. We sometimes check their full dentures of course for free, but they are usually completely satisfied and happy with them. Here is our testimonials page as well.

ABC news recently did a report about the lawsuit against a leading denture cream manufacturer. Click Here to see the story of some people who are permanently disabled by zinc poisoning. The only product they used with zinc was their denture cream. Zinc poisoning is where high levels of zinc interfere with the body’s absorption of copper which can lead to serious irreversible neurological problems.

So spread the word that you know an awesome St. Pete dentist who can stop the zinc poisoning in our beautiful city of St. Petersburg. Have your loved ones come in to see Dr. Nguyen or our other two dentists for a free dentures evaluation!