Wonders of Xylitol: re-post from RDH Magazine

 The sweet alternative offers many dental benefits

by Susan Clark, RDHEF

*Originally published by RDH Magazine in April 2011 but is still valid. It be found here: http://www.rdhmag.com/articles/print/volume-31/issue-4/features/wonders-of-xylitol.html or click here. We at Creating Smiles Dental are stressing prevention more than ever and would like to bring articles to our patients that can help with oral and general health. This is one article that is filled with helpful information.
Although dental decay is largely preventable, it is still considered the most common chronic infectious disease of children ages 5-17. It is impossible to completely avoid sugar in our diets, so a more realistic approach would be to limit the
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National Dental Hygiene Month and sugar free Orbit gum

It is National Dental Hygiene month and Wrigley is sponsoring the American Dental Hygienists’ Association in helping dental hygienists in promoting oral and systemic health. Here is one article about the research behind chewing sugar free Orbit gum. pH_curve_orbitIndependent research supported by Wrigley funding has continued to have an impact on the oral care arena for nearly 80 years. Through a fellowship with Northwestern University in the United States in the 1930s, researchers discovered the dental health benefits of chewing sugarfree gum and continued to explore that relationship in the following decades. In the 1980s, groundbreaking research proved that chewing sugarfree gum helps stimulate saliva production, a key … Read the rest

New Extended Hours for Creating Smiles Dental

New Extended Hours for Creating Smiles Dental

You probably already know that we have added new doctors. Dr. Brayer and Dr. Nguyen are still here working and smiling and enjoying dentistry as always. Click on our “About Us” tab to meet our other providers including our specialists. We provide comprehensive dental care as one big happy team. Quality care is how we work and we do not rush so have often extended our hours as needed for our patients. Now we have made it official so that we can offer later appointment start times. We want the hours to be specific to our patient’s needs, so call and talk to … Read the rest