Dr. Brayer volunteers again

Dr. Brayer Volunteers at Gulf Coast Dental Outreach

Dr. Brayer Volunteers with GCDODr. Brayer volunteers a couple of times a year with Gulf Coast Dental Outreach, GCDO. She provides free dental services to patients who qualify financially. This specific patient values his dental health so much that he rides his bike up to Dunedin from St. Pete beach to get the work done at the extremely discounted rate.








Most visits are just $25 no matter what is done that day. The clinic is only opened on Fridays since the office is a normal general practice Monday through Thursday. This is a wonderful service to our community. From Read the rest

Volunteering with GCDO

Volunteering with GCDO

Dr. Brayer and her staff are committed to their community and volunteering with GCDO, or Gulf Coast Dental Outreach.


This program is such a good service to Pinellas County. A pool of volunteer dentists and paid and volunteer support staff members see patients on most Fridays. It is a normal practice Monday-Thursday then they put up their sign on the door to see grateful patients.

Patients are accepted primarily by referral and have a chance to be accepted into the program if they financially qualify – Gulf Coast Dental Outreach is not a walk-in clinic. Patients pay just $25 for most procedures. Patient care emphasizes … Read the rest