Our mouth gets a mix of different substances from the food we eat and the beverages we drink. Therefore, it needs specialized care. In addition to making our teeth whiter, with or without teeth whitening services in St Petersburg, FL, teeth cleanings are necessary as they prevent oral diseases and tooth loss. It’s important to find a specialist that offers a variety of deep cleaning to ensure that your teeth have protection from developing decays, or build-up of plaque or tartar. This way, your mouth can stay it’s very best.

Why Receive Teeth Cleanings?

Woman taking advantage of our teeth cleanings in St Petersburg FLIn short, teeth cleanings in St Petersburg, FL help in removing any build-up of plaque that results in periodontal and gum diseases. Additionally, it is important to remove tartar to prevent infection. The body sees tartar as a foreign invader, and this then prompts the immune system to fight off the tartar. Teeth cleanings, therefore, assist in ensuring that there is a level playing field.

The Teeth Cleaning Procedure 

1. A dental hygienist provides you with a physical exam

This is where the actual cleaning process begins. The dental hygienist takes an assessment of the entire mouth to see if there is an underlying issue before the actual cleaning process.

2. Removal of plaque and tartar

After a mouth examination, the dentist uses a scaler to get rid of any tartar build-up using a mirror for guidance. Any plaque that may have built up along the gum line is then scraped off. Please note, it is advisable to ensure that you brush and floss routinely to avoid plaque build-up before it becomes tartar.

3. Cleaning using a grit toothpaste

After removing the tartar, the dentist uses an electric brush to deep clean the teeth and ensure any tarter that had remained is then removed.

Expert flossing

The dentist helps you floss to remove any trouble spots in between the teeth and identify if there is any bleeding of gums


The next step that follows involves rinsing the mouth and getting any debris out of the mouth. The dentist uses a liquid fluoride to ensure that your mouth gets rinsed adequately.

Applying fluoride treatment

The final step involves treating the teeth with fluoride, which helps in protecting against cavities for several months. The fluoride is in the form of a foamy gel that hardens once in contact with the saliva.

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