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Thank You for the Donations

Thank You for the Donations

As you know Hurricane Dorian decimated the islands of The Bahamas. On The Upwind Flying Club along with other members and community organizers are once again taking to the skies to help. On The Upwind Flying Club has already been flying needed goods and supplies to the islands.

We at both Creating Smiles Dental St. Pete and Creating Smiles Dental Clearwater, are drop off locations listed on the www.caringforthebahamas.com website. Thank you for the generous donations from members of the community, our staff, and our wonderful patients. Keep the donations coming.

Also, the same organization is holding a benefit concert in Dunedin at Edgewater Park on September 21st from 4pm-10pm. They are looking for volunteers or support. There will be bands, food trucks, vendors, and fellowship for an amazing cause.

We want help where we can and thank you for allowing us do give so much. See below for the list of items still needed. Come by any time to drop them off. There is no end date as of now for donations.