halloween jokes

The Best Halloween Jokes — Updated!

Happy Halloween from Dr. Jergins and the ClearWhite Dental team! We thought you’d enjoy some Halloween jokes. And, don’t miss Dr. Jergins’s jack-o-lantern carvings with a 2004 political twist!

How are VAMPIRES like false teeth? They both come out at night!

Why does a VAMPIRE brush his teeth three times a day? To prevent BAT breath!

What time was the VAMPIRE’S dentist appointment? TOOTH-thirty!

Why did the VAMPIRE get hired as a dentist? He was very CAPE-able!

What did the VAMPIRE say after he visited the dentist? FANGS very much!

What did the dentist say at the end of the MUMMY’S appointment? Let’s wrap this up.

Why did the WITCH drive to her dentist appointment? Her broom was in the shop.

What is a WITCH’S favorite school subject? Spell-ing!

How did the GHOST unlock his front door? He used his SPOO – Key!

Have a wonderful day and call for an appointment, with no tricks, all treats!

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