The Natural Dentist in Clearwater FL is ClearWhite Dental’s Dr. Jergins

The natural dentist in Clearwater FL you can trust, is ClearWhite Dental’s Dr. Jergins.

“We take a natural, holistic approach in our dental office,” says Clearwater dentist, Dr. Jergins. “It begins with using mercury free fillings, and also informs the way we treat our patients.”

the natural dentist, clearwater fl

The natural dentist in Clearwater FL is Dr. Jergins of ClearWhite Dental.

3 Ways Clearwater Dental Office, ClearWhite Dental, Takes the Natural Dentist, Holistic Dentist Approach

1. Mercury Free Fillings

Dr. Jergins uses only mercury free fillings. He can also remove any old amalgam fillings you might have. This also gives your teeth a more natural look, with a tooth-colored filling.

2. Digital X-Rays

Clearwater dentist, Dr. Jergins, is the natural dentist when it comes to dental x rays too. “We only use digital x-rays,” says Dr. Jergins. “The amount of radiation is reduced almost 99 percent from traditional dental x rays.”

3. Selective X-Rays

When you visit our Clearwater dental office, you’ll see that our holistic dentist, Dr. Jergins, only calls for dental x-rays when absolutely needed. “If we ask for a dental x ray, you can be sure it’s something we need to do so that you can have the best dental treatment,” says Dr. Jergins.

So experience the ClearWhite Dental difference the next time you’re looking for a natural dentist in Clearwater FL. We’ll take good care of you and do only the care you need.

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