Two Great Gifts in St. Pete for a Healthy Father’s Day

Two Great Gifts For a Healthy Father's Day

With the ushering in of a hot St. Pete summer this month, we also have the great joy of welcoming yet another “Funky Tie Day.” Or perhaps you know it as “The Aftershave Day”? We are of course referring to “Father’s Day,” when each year we gather together in celebration of Dads of all stripes, to thank them for everything they have done and continue to do for us. It’s a grand day, worthy of grand hugs and grand gifts. Certainly gifts better than a tie – after all, these days, a lot of people don’t even wear ties to the office! So in the spirit of dentistry, and all things good for your teeth, we thought we would offer up two gifts that just might be better choices for your Dad this Father’s Day.

First on deck, we’d like to suggest an electric toothbrush. This product is a great gift for those guys who like gadgets, because it really simplifies the process, and even makes it a bit fun. An electric toothbrush, like a Sonicare or OralB brand works with gentle vibrating motions which dislodge food debris and bacteria on and even between teeth and helps to keep your gums clean and healthy. They have soft bristles but feel like they are scrubbing those teeth so are great for a hard-handed brusher. It also works exceedingly well if regularly used after a cleaning from an hygienist, and they’re the perfect gift for any dad.

And for the dad who plays sports? How about a custom mouthguard? You can find out more about these in our sports dentistry article, and your dad will love it if he plays in any summer leagues, or if he skis and snowboards in the wintertime. As a matter of fact, a dad who’s really active in just about anything sports-related might benefit from a custom guard. Regardless of the season, this is one of the most affordable gifts you can give to an active dad so he can keep that smile of his in great shape for years to come.

Happy Father’s day, and happy June to everyone!

Adapted from original post found here.