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Dental Restoration Procedures

If you are having any type of problem with your teeth, then you may want to consider a dental restoration. Dental restoration procedures will help you maintain healthy teeth, gums, and mouth. Restorative dentistry in St Petersburg FL has the various types of dental restoration you need to ensure your oral health is topnotch.

What is Dental Restoration?

Dental restoration is a common term in dentistry, which refers to restoring the tooth. The restoration occurs to either a damaged or a decayed tooth. In addition, restoration may be direct or indirect. Direct restoration indicates a repair within the mouth that is directly on the tooth, whereas an indirect restoration indicates that part of the repair occurs outside of the mouth. An example of an indirect restoration would be the making of a crown, which is then put into the mouth. Yet, one part of the process takes places outside the mouth.

What are the Different Methods of Dental Restoration?

As stated above the different types of dental restoration fall within the direct of indirect categories.

Direct restoration – Bonding/white fillings are the main direct restorative procedure. When you have a cavity, your dentist will remove it and put in a filling thus providing direct restoration to your damaged tooth. You usually choose the type of material for your filling.

Indirect restoration – There are several different types of indirect restorative procedures such as:

  • Crowns – A dental crown attaches to the surface of the tooth and serves as a cap. They may be constructed from metal, ceramic, or a combination of the two
  • Bridges – A dental bridge is necessary when you have a tooth removed and need an artificial one to fill in the gap. The artificial tooth, which is the bridge, may be attached to both of the teeth on either side or to just one side. Bridges are made of porcelain or metal
  • Veneers – Veneers are thin porcelain pieces made to cover the enamel of a discolored or damaged tooth
  • Implants – These dental appliances are a permanent fixture in your mouth. This restorative procedure will take a few trips to the dentist’s office. You’ll need the decayed tooth removed, then the dentist needs to ensure you get the exact right fit for your new implant. That may take a few trips. Once the dental implant is installed, it takes a few months before the bone fuses to it
  • Inlays – An inlay is used when you need a filling and it’s similar to one. However, instead of the dentist using a flexible filling substance, an impression of your tooth is made. Then the dentist pours a firm substance into the mold and uses that for your filling

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