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We’re Going Paperless

We’re going paperless in our St. Petersburg office, and so are you! We’re in this together.

Instead of us giving you a clipboard for your 6 month updates, you finally have digital options. Now you can check over what we have in our system and only update what’s new. Jesseca Allen has spent countless hours on her days off researching and implementing this for you! Not only are digital updates available, we now have a patient portal!

You have the option of completing your medical update from your personal patient portal before you come or you can view and make changes in the office on either our Ipad or desktop kiosk. New patients will be emailed or texted the digital new patient forms and existing patients will be able to click into their portal to make changes. You can sign up to have this account available to you 24/7. The link is on our website. You will be able to complete the medical update under “forms,” see your ledger, treatment plans, appointments, etc from anywhere in the world! All of our patients can spend less time in the reception room filling out paperwork and can be taken back quicker.

We had a similar experience when we switched from paper charts to digital charts when we moved to our first new office and it took some time. For a while, we did both writing by hand in your files in the manila folders as well in the computer charts. Likewise, the forms can still be printed from our website and we will be happy to scan them in. It will take some time for this to transition fully, but like the digital charts progress, we are confident that this will make life easier for both us and for you. We are here to help answer questions and even to help you fill out the forms as needed.